Solutions Overview

Printed Patient Wristband

laserbandPatient Safety starts with the Printed Patient Wristband. Since 2007, with our introduction of LaserBand, we have been committed to Printed Patient Wristbands and the benefits they bring to both patient safety and identification.

The Printed Patient Wristband is the key first enabler to increasing patient safety with a full Positive Patient Identification Solution.

We work exclusively with Zebra Technologies and provide a range of wristband solutions – both Laser and Thermally printed. More information on our range of wristband options can be found on our Wristband page.

Barcode Reading

codeCode readers and scanners are the market leader in healthcare. We offer a range of options for portable and handheld barcode readers, supporting medication, samples and tracking applications.

Rotoform are Code’s exclusive Healthcare Partner in Ireland. More information on the range of readers, applications and options can be found on our Code Healthcare page.

On-Demand Printing

Bedside printing of labels is a logical extension of your PPID solution, using best of breed printers from Zebra Technologies – both Desktop and Mobile. We offer a range of options for medication, samples and tracking printing applications.

Rotoform are Zebra’s only dedicated (and were their first) Healthcare Specialist Partner in Ireland. More information on the range of printers, applications and options can be found on our Zebra Healthcare page.

Barcode Creation & Systems Intgration

128px-Datamatrix.svgWhilst the provision of a Barcode is often over looked or left to the end of a project, it can often be a time consuming and complex element. Rotoform work with an experienced healthcare middle-ware provider, together we can provide a flexible solution for the creation of the Barcode from the PAS or other internal hospital solution. This creates a flexible printing solution for all the hospitals needs, including Labels and Wristbands.

A core element of any modern Healthcare IT project is also ensuring the inter-working with older systems. This can be specifically true in PPID projects due to the number of systems that can be involved. More information on the middle-ware options we can provide are available by contacting us.